How to Access Realm Royale's Test Server

 • Jun 27, 2018

How to Access Realm Royale's Test Server

Hi-Rez has been encouraging players to access Realm Royale’s test server to test out the latest features they plan on releasing into the game so they can receive additional feedback. They often post these changes as Test Realm Patch Notes which reflect the new features that can be tested.

To join:

  1. Go to this link, scroll down until you find this box 

  1. See where it says “Click here”? Click there.
  2. A window will pop up allowing you to download the Test Server client
  3. You will then find the game listed in your library as “Realm Royale - Test Server”

If you need more help, Hi-Rez has prepared a video to help players access the Test Server. 

The Test Server is only accessible at certain times. Hi-Rez constantly makes announcements when the server is operational. If you cannot access the Test Server after the download, it means that it is unavailable for use at that particular time.

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