Official Website Launch of StatsRealmRoyale!

 • Jul 10, 2018

Official Website Launch of StatsRealmRoyale!

We’re very excited to announce the official website launch of! With the recent surge in popularity in Realm Royale, we wanted to provide and become the stat tracking website for the Realm Royale community to use!

Currently, we provide highly detailed profiles that keep track of your in-game stats, updating every minute to reflect any new games and changes. In order to look up your stats, you would enter your Steam username (the username you use to log into Steam, and not your Steam display name) into our search bar. We’ve provided numerous filters to see how you compare to others such as class played, kills, winrate, damage dealt, and more!

For the site’s other features, we’ve provided a news section where we will post game updates and other similar new articles and a streamer section where you can check out some of the more prominent Realm Royale streams!

In addition, we are planning on adding an item database to provide details about the game’s guns, armor, and spells as one of our top priorities following this launch!

If you have any suggestions, questions or feedback, please put them in the comment section. We would be extremely happy to address any questions or comments you may have!

Follow us on social media for any major updates and news on feature content!

And our website again: 

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