Keemstar's $100,000 Thursday Realm Royale Results Week 1

 • Jul 20, 2018

Keemstar's $100,000 Thursday Realm Royale Results Week 1

@KEEMSTAR's first Realm Royale invitional, the Thursday Realm Royale, premiered on Thursday, July 19th, 2018. The tournament invited 26 duos of famous streamers and pros from across other games, including players like Ninja, Shroud, Disguised Toast, and Dyrus, featuring a prize pool of $100,000!

The tournament's format sees these duos duke it out in a series of 10 games. Duos will receive points for their placement each round, and any kills they get will lower the amount of points they get. The goal of the tournament is to receive the fewest points possible across the 10 games.


  1. Sonii | Overpowered - $50,000
  2. Shroud | Jotoro - $30,000
  3. TSM Gale Adelade | dafran - $20,000

Here are the final results for the tournament:


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